Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Hurray - I've managed to post a picture but it's far too close up for my liking and I think it's time for botox - also probably not very useful to you anyway as I know you want old pics.
However now that I've got this far, I shall try to find old pics and scan them in very soon.
Not quite sure how I can link this message to my earlier one so I hope you find it.
I'll try to find time to add more tales and old pics very soon, and I will continue the story - however a bit busy with work and kids back from uni and moving house right now Many thanks for your encouragement. It's quite fun once I get going - I will persevere!


Pollyb1967 said...

brilliant well done Kate. you look fab! forget Botox.

We need the recent opic too so will use it asap on our site.

speak soon


Alan said...

Nicely done!