Thursday, 26 July 2007

This is me in 1980 - dreadful! See below for an explanation..........

My first job after university (I studied English, French, Italian and Art History) at the age of 21 was as a trainee sub editor on a teenage magazine. As I loved magazines, this was fantastic for me. I wrote and answered the problem page, (although quite how well qualified to do that at the age of 21 is debatable) I wrote the beauty features, and wrote the little incidental features, as well as supplying 2 photo story ideas every week to our freelance writers and doing lots of proof reading. Because I was one of the youngest there, I was often asked to "be" the characters in the stories. I have posted some terrible chubby photos here from this inauspicious episode of my life. Obviously been eating far too many chips and sweets.

This is me in 1977 in Zambia.
I got engaged while I was at university to a man called Steve who was a mining geologist and got a job in Zambia after graduating. I spent 3 months out there in 1977. We didn't ever make it to the altar.

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Alan said...

Not dreadful - but very, very 1980s!

I'm so glad you posted these. :)