Thursday, 27 September 2007

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I can't believe how much technology has changed our lives, but for those of us born in 1957 I think it's probably been quite an effort to keep up (or maybe I'm just speaking for myself).

Not having learnt about computers, word processing or even typing (typing is just for typists, dearie) at school, after a long stint trying to get myself a job when I lived in rural Northumberland with 2 small children, I decided that being able to type would help me find work. I took myself off to Northumberland College in Ashington and enrolled on a course to enable me to type and "word process" . It did the trick as I got a job with the Design Council in Newcastle and then a job in TV with a TV production company in Newcastle in 1994. From then on, because I was working - I just became swept along with technology as it was introduced.

I got my first mobile phone in 1995 - am very proud that I still have the same number (apart from the 077 which was introduced later) - It took me ages to work out how to use it. It still takes me a long time to work out how technical things work - but once I get going I'm fine. I had technology overload last year because I had to master an eye pod, a digital camera, a DAB radio, an attachement for my Ipod to connect to my car radio and last but not least lenses. What a stress it all was - however I'm more or less up and running on them all, although the contact lenses still cause a little trouble now and again. Some of my friends are up and running technically too - but surprisingly many are not - some of them don't even text and don't know how the internet works. I think it's all to do with feeling safe with what you know.

I happen to know a very comfortably off lady who still uses a twin tub washing machine (this is what I've always used - so why would I want anything else?)

My mother (now aged 77) has a computer and emails people - she also has a mobile phone.

It's difficult for people who aren't used to new technology - I think the longer you leave it, the worse it becomes, and the less confident you become about it.

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